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About Us / Biography

The concept of our company began in 2003 while vacationing in Hana, Hawaii. I was having dinner with my friend and some of the guests of his Inn.  One of the guests asked my friend where he was from originally. His response was “I was born on Earth”. At first we all looked at him a bit strangely.  He then proceeded with his profound explanation. “The biggest problem we have in this world is segregation. Segregation through race, religion and culture. We all have different beliefs but we live on one planet, Earth. We must start thinking as One Planet, One People. We have to protect and respect our planet and work together as humans.”

This made so much sense to me and I began to really think about this concept. We fight so hard showing others we are better, stronger, more deserving, at the expense of our planet. No one wins because we not only destroy others land we destroy the only land we have, EARTH. We see how the earth is responding to our anger, ignorance and disrespect. If we do not work together quickly our world as we know it will not be the wonder for our children.
It is time to wake up.


There is a message to be shared…wear it in peace, hope and respect.
This concept of ‘One Planet One People’ has been translated into our jewelry. By wearing these pieces we hope to pass on this vision of hope to others.

“In the hour of adversity be not without hope, for crystal rain falls from the black clouds.”

Alexia Loehde started her fascination with jewelry design when she was 11 years old. She collected beads, glass, shells, and antique jewelry parts she found in her mothers jewelry box. She and her very patient and supportive parents, spent many hours in their garage drilling holes in all her treasures. She always made very elaborate and large pieces, all of which would take on a life and character of their own.

Jewelry became a life force for her. Each piece began to live and breathe.

She got her first design job in 1984 and continued designing for one of the largest costume jewelry companies until 1993. She then left and started her own business traveling all over the world collecting unique semi-precious beads, gems and pendants.

She and her partner Scott Smith believe that each piece they design belongs to one special person, as unique as the person who wears it. You can feel this as soon as the stones touch your skin.

May you wear them in Peace, Love and Hope…
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